Make it Glam x Oak & Luna


This holiday season, we’re all about getting fully glammed with festive pieces. As plans may look different this year, we sat down with some of our favorite Oak and Luna inspiration-setters on their tips and tricks of how they choose to glam for the holiday, no matter where the festivities are.


How to dress up for an at-home holiday?

First and foremost, it should be something that is comfortable. I have to feel good and beautiful in it- like a beautiful satin dress.

Best glam moment of 2020?

So far it was my birthday in July. I was celebrating my 35th birthday. I was wearing a beautiful organza dress with balloon sleeves and some beautiful jewelry.

What are your holiday glam essentials?

My holiday glam essentials are llip-gloss, necklaces, earrings and a small bag.

Key to a picture-perfect necklace stack?

I look first at what I am wearing then I choose my favorite necklaces that I love and I also look at the chain lengths. The different chain lengths are a must- that is the key.

The best piece to complete your overall holiday outfit?

My jewelry. My jewelry makes my outfit complete.


Essential pieces to get party-ready?

Red lipstick, great mood and Oak & Luna jewelry. The more jewelry the better.

Best way to style the Forever Rose this holiday?

It looks stunning both solo and paired with any other necklaces. When talking about necklaces layering is a key. Pairing the Forever Rose with Bobble or Ethereal Drops chains would be a great idea.

The fail-safe outfit formula to celebrate the holiday season (even for a Zoom party)?

A suit is the most reliable solution! It’s perfect for both everyday wear and evening outings. Just change the sneakers to high heels and voila. Always chic and trendy.

Describe your personal holiday look?

Not sure yet, the situation is dynamic. Something glam yet comfy. Shirtless blazer trend, probably. And lots of gold accents too.

Keys to create the just-right ring stack?

No rules, just wear what you feel and what you want! You can pair statement signets and tiny rings, fancy shapes with simple ones. The times when style followed the rules are gone.

MATILDE @matiriga

Go-to holiday jewelry pieces?

When I think about the holidays I have only one color in mind for jewels: gold. So a beautiful necklace and bracelet cannot be missing in my look.

Ideal holiday total look?

Definitely a red one shoulder dress, golden heels and as accessories-The Name Necklace and the Haisley link bracelet.

How to style the Mon Petit Name Necklace with your holiday outfit?

Black knee-length velvet dress, black heels, hair gathered in a bun and the Mon Petite as a point of light.

Favorite holiday fabrics?

My favorite fabric at this time of year is velvet. I also really like skirts and dresses in satin to be matched with thick wool sweaters wrapped in a golden chain belt.

The ‘it’ jewelry piece that should be on everyone’s wishlists and why?

Everyone should have the Name Necklace on their wish list because it is a versatile necklace, perfect for every look, from the sportiest to extremely chic.


How to dress up to stay in?

A really comfy and lazy jogging suit.

What’s on your Oak and Luna holiday wishlist?

On my wishlist you can find:
Large Link Chain Necklace in Gold Plating
Tallulah Gourmette Bracelet in Gold Plating
The Showstopper Link Bracelet in Gold
Tara Inside-Out Diamond Hoops in Gold Plating

The perfect jewelry piece to complete your overall look?

My perfect piece would be from Oak & Luna and always in gold.

What are your holiday makeup hacks?

Highlighter for a perfect glow, mascara for big eyes, concealer for no under eyes, and of course lipstick to look fresh.

What is your ultimate holiday outfit?

A glitter dress in gold. More is more.


Festive essentials to give and to get?

A bottle of good wine, expensive chocolate and a luxurious candle.

Describe your style for this holiday season?

Elegant and classy in beige, black and gold colors.

How to home-style your hair like a pro?

Leave your hair to dry naturally in a low bun, and you will have wonderful waves in the morning.

Why did you choose the Say My Name Necklace for your holiday style?

It's such a classic piece, that feels not only very personal but also very unique.

Inspo behind your holiday look?

All the French movies I watched in the last few months.


How to create the ideal holiday outfit?

The most important thing is to feel comfortable with your outfit. As it is a special occasion, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off our favorite clothes and accessories. The ideal outfit is the one that makes us feel special!

Your go-to Oak and Luna jewelry piece/s and how to style it/them for the holiday?

I love the ‘To the Moon and Back’ piece because I love moon and stars. It looks amazing on its own or paired with other necklaces. I have used it to go out at night with a nice summer dress- it’s a perfect match! I also have a name necklace with my name which is super special to me being gold it matches with all my clothes and looks great with black or white pieces (my favorites).

What is the inspiration behind your holiday glam?

I am inspired by the magic and shiny, elegant atmosphere of the night that is why I love for my look to be bright. I usually opt for a dress in white, red, gold, or silver.

Best way to layer chains?

The necklaces should be of different lengths so that you can wear a bunch at the same time. To make it look very cool, I like to combine different shapes, styles, sizes, and designs.

Go-to holiday colors for your look and why?

This year, I want to let my accessories shine and do the talking. Therefore, my look will be totally black and I will combine it with high heels full of glitter and my two pieces from Oak & Luna.

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