Padlock and key necklaces

Lock/Key Necklaces & JEWELRY

The padlock and key necklace can symbolize many things to different people, but above all, this sentimental jewelry represents love.
Wear your heart on your neck with our exquisitely crafted key and lock chain necklaces. It pairs magnificently with chunkier chains and looks divine as a solo statement piece. Browse our collection of lock and key necklaces today.

What does wearing a padlock necklace mean?

A padlock represents an eternal bond. Wearing a padlock necklace symbolizes a strong connection in a person's life. A padlock with initials or with a symbol is a way to show what is important to the person wearing it.

What does a key necklace mean?

A key necklace can symbolize strength and ability or it can be linked to a lock that someone else wears.