Men's Necklaces & Bracelets- Oak & Luna


Our selection of men’s jewelry puts an emphasis on wearable and uncomplicated designs.

Build your layered look by mixing and matching our gold, silver, and sterling silver necklaces. Express your individuality with modernized jewelry pieces made for the modern man. Discover our timeless collection of men’s jewelry necklaces.

How long should a man's chain be?

There is no specific chain size for men's necklaces. However, it is recommended that a man's chain falls 2-4 inches below his collarbone. Men's chains usually range from 18 to 24 inches. An 18-inch chain suits smaller pendants, while a 20-inch chain reaches the collarbone for larger pendants. For a longer and more eye-catching look, a 22 to 24-inch chain falls just above the sternum.

What necklace looks best on men?

Chain necklaces are frequently regarded as a fashionable option for men, effortlessly enhancing their overall appearance. To elevate the style even further, pendants can be added to the chain, providing an opportunity for personalization and individuality.