Bar Necklaces in Gold and Silver | Engraved Bar Necklaces - Oak & Luna


Personalized bar necklaces for style in all dimensions.

Complete your wardrobe with the refined charm of bar necklaces in gold, silver, and rose gold. The horizontal bar necklace captures timeless elegance, while the vertical counterpart adds a contemporary flair. Versatile and tasteful, these accessories effortlessly elevate any attire, be it for casual or formal occasions. Embrace your individual style and make a sophisticated statement with these exquisite pieces.

What do bar necklaces mean?

Bar necklaces, also known as "bar pendants," are a popular style of necklaces that can be personalized with a name, initials, or a special message. Depending on the person that is wearing the bar necklace, the meaning is different, but in general, bar necklaces can be symbolic of a person's identity, Apart from that, bar necklaces can also be seen as a representation of strength and stability, due to their simple and minimalist design.

What should I put on a bar pendant?

A bar pendant is a popular and versatile piece of jewelry that can be personalized with a variety of messages and symbols to make it a unique and personal. One of the classics and most popular choices for a bar pendant is to personalized a name or an initial on it. Another option is to engrave a special date on your life, like a wedding anniversary, birthday, or the date of a special event. Lastly, and one great and original idea is to add the coordinates of a special place that you where on your first date, the place where you firs meet and more.