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Creating a custom piece of jewelry is art- an expression that goes way beyond engraving. A custom piece is telling a story- your story. Whether a gift of for yourself, your piece is unique, your own, easily identified, a memory that lasts, and your design cannot be repeated by nothing else in the world. With the holiday season approaching, we sat down with some of our most influential Oak and Luna women and learned what their special name ring means, how it reflects who they are or their loved ones. From names of your children to even your pet cat- get inspired.

Name Rings Influencers

Ruby Rose chooses to engrave Mama on her Throwback Name Ring and states ‘I remember one Mother’s Day when I was about 10 my mum asked for a ‘mum’ ring from me and my brother. My dad took us to a pawn shop and we picked the chunkiest, tackiest one they had. She loved it. Even at that age I was desperate to have a baby one day and couldn’t wait to have my very own ring, so that everyone I met would know I was a mummy before I even told them. My biggest achievement to date, being a mama.’


Shauny Cuypers chooses to engrave Era on her Throwback Name Ring, the name of her pet Bengal cat!

@roosavintage:Savoir, Penser, Rever

Marina Facal chooses to personalize the Three’s a Charm Name Ring with the words ‘Savoir, Penser, Rever’ which mean ‘to think, to know, to dream’. She states that these are ‘three words by Victor Hugo that give me such powerful meaning’.


Gabriella Sanchez choose to engrave 03.07.2014 a date of special meaning on the Luna Bar Name Ring.


Claire Hansenne picks to customize Jeanne on The One Name Ring, a name of her loved one.


Alessia Marullo customizes the ThrowBack Name Ring with the name ‘Lupo’ her son, and claims ‘there really is nothing quite like a mother’s love for her son’.

@anisabelgeri:Anisa and Mia

Anisa Belgeri adds her custom touch to the Two is Better Than One Name Ring with the names Anisa and Mia- her name as well as her daughters.


Arezia Esposito chooses to engrave ‘amour’ on the Luna Bar Name Ring as all you need is love.


Marialuisa Liuzzo chooses to customize her Throwback Name Ring with the name ‘Mery’ her nickname.


Federica Forastiero loves pizza so much that she chose to customize her Throwback Name Ring with it.

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