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Oak and Luna gals, stumped on how to choose the perfect necklace length and how to pair it with specific necklines and outfits or worried which length can help frame your face? The following are our tips on how to measure for just the right size you are looking for.

How to measure necklace length


14” Collar

This fits tightly around the neck, like a collar.

Best fit-shaped face: heart shaped, oval

16” Collarbone

This will fall just at the collarbone.

Best fit-shaped face: heart shaped, oval

Oak and Luna Necklace Length ChartHeight of the model is 67.7" (172 cm)

18” Below the Collarbone

This is a standard choice for most women, that will fall a few inches below the collarbone.

Best fit-shaped face: oval

20” Below the Collarbone and Bust

This will fall at a few inches below the collarbone and bust.

Best fit-shaped face: oval

22” Between Collarbone and Bust

This will fall at a few inches below the collarbone and bust.

Best fit-shaped face: oval



In order to determine which necklace length is best suitable for you, follow the steps below to discover your neck size:

Wrap a tape measure around your neck, keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor.

Pro tip: If you do not want the chain to sit too snugly around your neck and fit like a choker, be sure to add 2 to 4 inches when you are measuring.

How to Choose My Necklace Based Off My Height?

Different heights come with different necklace sizes. Knowing your height size plays a factor, as a necklace can sit differently depending on your height.

If your height is:

Under 5’4: choose a 16- or 18-inch necklace

Between 5’4 to 5’7: any of our Oak and Luna necklaces will sit well on you.

Above 5’7: choose a 22-inch style necklace.

Necklace Length Chart

Which Style Necklace Will Best Frame My Face?

Oval: The oval face can rock any size necklace length and shape!

Heart or triangle-shaped: Shorter necklaces such as the 16” or 18” styles. Choker and collar style necklaces are gorg on you. Medium length chains with interesting shaped pendants are very flattering to your face shape.

Diamond: Same as heart or triangle-shaped! BUT try to opt for pendants that are not strongly geometric shaped.

Round: 22” style. Long necklaces will add length and shape to your face!

Square: With a square face, comes a strong jawline, so most of your jewelry will be helping to soften the facial features. The best way to accomplish this is to choose longer necklaces to help the face look longer. We recommend the 20” style.

Rectangle: Opt for necklaces with a lot of curves and round shapes to create a softer look. The key objective with a rectangular face is to make it appear wider, therefore collar and choker necklaces, look great with this frame.

Necklace Length Chart


You may choose to wear different lengths of necklaces for different occasions as well as seasons. For example: choker style necklaces compliment scooped necklines perfectly in the summer or with cocktail dresses. Most women choose to wear longer necklaces in the winter over turtlenecks.

Choose the right necklace for your clothing neckline:

Open-Neck Tops or Crew Necks: This type of neckline is best paired with a 16 or versatile 18-inch necklaces as they can both be worn with most open necklines.

Casual and Formal Outfits: This neckline should be worn with a choker or 16-inch necklace, avoid polo and roll necks, as they will conceal the necklace.

Strapless: This neckline should be worn with 20- or 22-inch style necklaces, as they will fall just between the collar and bust. This showcases the style of the shirt by drawing the eyes upward and towards the shoulders.

High Neckline: This neckline should be paired with a 24-inch style necklace, as its long length will look fab over a high neckline and spice up a casual outfit, giving this type of outfit a bold statement piece.

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Necklace Length Chart
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