Did you know that the paperclip necklace represented unity and symbolized resistance during WWII? Fast forward today, it has evolved to the paperclip chain necklace that we all know and love
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The perfect base for layering or as a subtle statement piece. Browse our selection of gold and silver paperclip chain necklaces, paper clip bracelets and discover your forever piece today.

Are paperclip necklaces in style or trendy?

The paper clip necklace is a trend that can be seen across the jewelry world. In gold, silver, and rose gold, the paper clip chain can be worn on its own or with pendants.

Are paperclip chains good?

Paperclip chains add a touch of the unexpected and elevate the classic chain.

Why Should I get my girlfriend a paperclip necklace?

The stylish gift will excite your girlfriend and be something she can confidently wear from day to night.

What does the paperclip necklace represent?

The paperclip represents a twist on the classic or a touch of unexpected flair.