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It's never been easier to personalize your jewelry! Get a piece that shows off your own name or keeps someone you love close.
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Pick from a wide selection of chic designs to fit every style and taste. Choose from quality solid gold, gold-plated, vermeil, or sterling silver name necklaces for a luxurious look & feel. All personalized name necklace pieces are made especially for you and crafted to last.

Are name necklaces in style or trendy?

Customized jewelry is in style and it's here to stay. Name necklaces have taken the jewelry world by storm and can be found in the finest retail establishments and donned by celebrities and influencers alike. Wearing a piece of jewelry everyday that is instantly recognizable as yours has become a popular and trendy style statement.

Why are name necklaces so popular?

Name necklaces are timeless and leave a lasting impression. The accessory can be worn everyday, on its own or layered with other necklaces and is suitable for a wide age group.

What length should I get my name necklace?

Name necklaces are typically worn at the base of the collarbone. To be most visible, the name should be worn on a shorter chain.

Why Should I get my girlfriend a name necklace?

There is no greater gift than a name necklace for a girlfriend or partner! The ultra-personal gift is something she can wear everyday and creates a bond between the two of you even when you're far apart.

What jeweler should you wear everyday?

Everyday jewelry can be bold or simple, it depends on you! Most importantly it should be comfortable and represent you the way you wish to be seen.

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