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Make your style even more radiant with White Gold necklaces and jewelry.


Choose from the exquisite selection of jewels we offer and effortlessly stand out wherever you go. Elevate your look with a stunning white gold chain, white gold name necklaces and more jewelry in white gold, the perfect accessory to complement your style. Make a lasting impression as all eyes turn to admire the elegance you exude.

Is white gold real gold?

Yes, white gold is a real type of gold that is made by mixing pure gold with other metals, such as nickel, palladium, or silver, to create a white or silver color. The resulting alloy is then typically plated with rhodium to enhance its shine and durability.

Can white gold turn yellow?

Yes, white gold can turn yellow over time as the rhodium plating on the surface wears off and exposes the yellowish tint of the underlying gold alloy. This is a natural process that can occur with regular wear and tear, exposure to chemicals, and other environmental factors. To maintain the white appearance of white gold jewelry, it's recommended to have it re-plated with rhodium periodically by a professional jeweler.