What is Your Jewelry Personality?

What Your Jewelry Says About YOU!


Jewelry is the accessory that you can use to make a statement to others about who you are! It is just one of the ways that individuals identify themselves to others. At Oak and Luna, we’ll assist you in leveling up your looks by finding out what your jewelry style says about you to others and discover every essential style to add to your rotation for every kind of mood.

your jewelry personality


You have an adventurous personality and love to experiment with your looks and style. You love pieces that draw attention, are eye-catching, and different. You enjoy wearing intricate styles and bright patterns and love to showcase your personality through fashion. You are open to sporting bold, statement pieces.
To pull off this look: Choose colorful jewelry. This summer, wearing the rainbow is back and what once may have been considered “overdoing it”- is very much in. Color modernizes classic pieces to make it bolder, fun, and brighter! Also go for linking your look. Chain links are a classic yet contemporary style that is back and bigger than ever, providing an edgy yet sleek element to your outfit for an extra dose of industrial chic.
We recommend: Play it By Ear Link Earrings, Rainbow Necklace


You are a graceful, sensuous woman as you have an open heart to love and admire the beauty of the world. You love to wear unstructured clothes that softly flow over your curves made of soft and rich fabrics to complement your curved features. Your romantic jewelry style is not just about hearts. You are drawn to feminine pieces and love to flaunt your girl side.
To pull off this look: Go for a rose gold look. Delicate, yet elaborate chains and pretty details are what you want to aim for when pulling off a romantic look.
We recommend: The Forever Rose Necklace , Forget Me Knot Earrings


You love clean, structured pieces that are sleek and modern. You enjoy that a simple jewelry piece can work with so many versatile and stylish looks. You less enjoy bling but do enjoy mixing your metals intricately. You can really appreciate polished architecture, which displays about your personality that you have a great sense of balance. You have a very thoughtful personality and love when things are organized.
To pull off this look: If you are a sucker for dainty, barely-there jewelry, choose a perfect gold pendant necklace or sleek signet or thin rings.
We recommend: Celestial Thin Signet Ring , Goddess of Healing Vintage Green Coin


You love classically sophisticated and effortlessly refined pieces. You understand what is trending and you love to have an outfit that is well put together. Your jewelry pieces indicate that you are approachable. You admire classic tailoring that draws on traditional couture techniques in its construction as well as timeless classic lines with a contemporary feel.
To pull off this look: Choose thin, fine bangles as well as classic yet bold earrings that deserve to be worn every day.
We recommend: Engraved Bangle Bracelet, Dynamite Hoops

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