Christmas Gifts Edition: The Coin Necklace


Every fashion girl’s favorite look at the moment- the gold coin. As the layered trend is appearing everywhere lately, the key piece to master the look is nothing but: the coin necklace. Perfect on its own or stacked to perfection with other chains, the coin necklace trend is bigger than ever and here to stay.


Coin necklaces have been worn throughout history to bring good fortune to the wearer. Egyptians would decorate their soldiers in coins of their day. the 1600’s, men would pierce and cut coins to impress their lovers- known as ‘Love Tokens’. During WWI and WW2, soldiers sent coin necklaces home to their wives, mothers, and sisters. Today, the sentiment of a coin continues with most pendants having a meaning behind them. Usually, a coin represents special meanings or are ideal for engraving, which makes a very unique and meaningful gift for a loved one or for yourself. Our Faith Vintage Coin displays Mary Virgin and child, making for a thoughtful religious piece. Our Goddess of Healing Greek Coin is a symbol of hope, strength, healing, and protection.


There are many ways to wear a coin necklace and showcases versatility as the antique inspired necklace will stand out whether alone or layered with other necklaces. If you choose to opt for the layering look, for just the right necklace stack, a coin makes the focal accessory of any look. Use a dainty gold chain with the classic gold pendant such as the Virgin Mary Vintage or Jesus Vintage Coin Necklaces. Mix and match your metals with these vintage inspired coins to achieve a contrasted look. Or you may opt to get the coin on coin look by adding another coin into the mix.


Offering a melted-gold effect, a coin necklace allows you to own a piece that equally traditional and on trend. As trends will always come and go, each one of us gals are always looking for a timeless piece that will simply put together our ‘fits. The gold coin necklace is an iconic piece that is a must-have for your jewelry collection. It is just the right piece for your everyday rotation to add detail from anything to a white tee and jeans. We recommend choosing a vermeil piece as it offers the pure gold look for an affordable price.

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Tally Moran

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