Top 5 Classic Custom Oak and Luna Jewelry Pieces for Christmas


This holiday season at Oak and Luna, we are all about festive glam and chic-celebration styles. Yet, our timeless, personalized pieces are always a classic. Searching for that Christmas gift for her or simply a gift that’s from me to me? Get into that festive mood and discover the top 5 classic Oak and Luna custom staples that are wish-list worthy that you could never go wrong with.

Top 5 Classic Custom Oak and Luna Jewelry Pieces for Christmas

Mon Petit

Not all statements have to be big. A beautiful and dainty addition to your jewelry box, the Mon Petit is a classic essential at Oak and Luna and is your blank canvas: write your own story and bring new energy into your everyday rotation with a piece that represents all that is you.

Initial Necklace

A chain for every outfit and stack, wear the Initial Necklace solo or with your other Oak and Luna favorites. Dress it up with a statement blazer or dress it down with a simple white tee, whatever the style the Initial Necklace has got you covered.

Pillar Bar Necklace

For a delicate, timeless look that is unique in all dimensions, let the Pillar Bar take you however far your imagination goes with details that do it all. A versatile piece that can be customized on all sides, lets you create your own curated look in an instant.

Link Chain Name Necklace

Allow your personality to shine through the Link Chain Name Necklace. This piece was designed for you to tell a story- your story. Layer this chain with others of different meanings and get playful with different textures to build your story and to reflect all moods, attitudes, and moments.

A to Z Name Choker

Discover a styling voice that’s all your own. Striking enough to be worn alone or used as a focal piece for an undeniably cool stack, there are endless combinations to wearing the A to Z Name Choker. We love layering this piece up- it’s truly a way to put your personal touch on the pieces and make your jewelry your own.

Tally Moran

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