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Stand out among all other women with diamond jewelry specially curated for you. A lab grown diamond jewelry is more ethical than regular diamonds since they are consider by many to be more sustainable. Read more about our lab grown diamond and our Commitment to Sustainability here.

Are lab-created diamonds considered genuine diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are genuine gems, with the same physical and chemical properties as naturally formed ones. The key difference lies in their origin. Lab diamonds, created in controlled settings using advanced technology, mirror the natural diamond-growing process. In contrast, natural diamonds form deep within the Earth's crust over millions of years, developing their distinct characteristics and charm.

Are lab-created diamonds considered valuable?

Lab-grown diamonds, also referred to as lab-created or synthetic diamonds, possess intrinsic value; however, they may not command the same market value as naturally occurring diamonds. The worth of a diamond is influenced by factors such as carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Natural diamonds form over millions of years deep within the earth's mantle, rendering them rare and highly coveted. In contrast, lab-created diamonds are cultivated in controlled settings, resulting in a more plentiful supply and potentially reduced value relative to natural diamonds. Nevertheless, lab-grown diamonds can showcase exceptional quality, often matching or exceeding natural diamonds in brilliance and purity.