Indulge in diamond name necklaces and jewelry, the most luxurious addition to any look.
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Stand out among all other women with diamond jewelry specially curated for you. A lab grown diamond jewelry is more ethical than regular diamonds since they are consider by many to be more sustainable. Read more about our lab grown diamond and our Commitment to Sustainability here.

Is a lab diamond a real diamond?

A lab-grown diamond is a real diamond, as it has the same physical and chemical properties as a diamond. The only difference is the origin of the stone. Lab diamonds, as it name mentioned it, are created in a laboratory, while natural diamonds are formed naturally.

Is a lab created diamond valuable?

Lab diamonds have value, but they may not be as valuable as natural diamonds. The value of a diamond depends on several factors, including its size, quality, and rarity. Lab-created diamonds are less rare than natural diamonds, and therefore may be less valuable. However, lab-created diamonds can have similar or even better quality than some natural diamonds.